16 Paintings Challenge

Here is my completed gallery of 16 small bird paintings. Some have sold already.  If you want to see the ones that are still available, please visit my Available Paintings page.

Mid-October of 2016, I started a painting challenge that I defined as 16 paintings in 16 days. The rules were that I would paint one small 5″ x 7″ painting of a different bird every day.  In the end I completed 14 of the 16 in the prescribed fashion.  Then I had a week’s delay before successfully finishing the last two.  I felt this challenge was still a victory, and the last two were especially enjoyable after the forced hiatus. I learned I am glad for the ability to work in moderation, distributing my painting hours and appointments more evenly to maximize my productivity and happiness, but I also surprised myself with the ability to successfully create a painting each day.  I wasn’t sure I could do it, but the public accountability and the rules of the challenge helped me achieve the conclusion of the series and turn out plenty of small paintings just in time for the “Across the Board” show coming up in December 2016 at Gallery on the Pali.

Most paintings are available for sale, and can be shipped priority anywhere in the US for $15.  If you need international shipping, please contact me to get a free no-obligation quote.  Some of them are also available on gift items or as prints on RedBubble. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of their printing. Click here to see all my available art.