Giveaway 2018

I am holding two giveaways this summer.  One is in person where entries will be collected at my event “Art & Coffee Celebration” at Lion Coffee Cafe and General Store. 

*UPDATE* Congratulations to Paul Santos on winning the drawing at Lion Coffee Cafe and General Store!

The second painting giveaway is a Facebook event to both celebrate the recent increase in my Facebook followers and to thank you for helping me expand my audience.  Both drawings are to give away an original 5″ x 7″ painting.  Eligible paintings are pictured below. You can also choose to have me paint a commission of pretty much whatever you would like. I can and have painted simple portraits or landscapes in this size as well. I am happy to have copper, copper/zinc (faux gold), or aluminum (a more durable version of silver leaf) leafing in the piece if you would like.

Though if anything sells in advance of the drawing I will paint a similar version ( I never make the same exact  painting twice) or ask you to select another option.

Though I usually have painted birds at this size, here are a couple of non-bird 5 X 7 paintings that are NOT available, but are here to spur your imagination for what is possible:


Kamehameha Butterflies With Red Ohia by Wendy Roberts

Seashore Dusk by Wendy Roberts