Anianiau with Orange Ohia

Anianiau With Orange Ohia by Wendy Roberts
Anianiau with Orange Ohia, 10 x 10 inches, Oil on Wood Panel, Sold

One of Hawaii’s lovely gem-like birds, the tiny green anianiau is a rare sight indeed. Here I have a male and female with orange ohia, a less common color of ohia that overlaps with the terrain of these beautiful tiny Hawaiian birds who live in the wet high elevation forests of Kauai. They are the smallest of the honeycreeper birds, in fact, both the birds and the ohia blossoms are painted larger than life size in this 10 inch square composition.

If you want to commission a painting, please contact me. I am always happy to help create the perfect piece for display, full of meaning to you, made with archival materials to last the test of time.