Murals are often large and wrap around various surfaces, so most projects need several photos. I have split the galleries into the various projects for ease of browsing.

Birds of Kawainui Traffic Signal Box Mural

This mural displays four types of Hawaiian native bird, one on each panel. 

Kolea (Golden Pacific Plover)

‘alae’ula (Hawaiian Gallinule, mudhen)

‘alae’kea (Hawaiian Coot)

‘aeo (Hawaiian Stilt)

Diamondhead Mural

Measuring over 22 feet long and 7.5 feet tall, this mural project was designed to show off a view of Diamondhead to liven up a private residence as well as coordinating with existing purple, gray and green walls in surrounding areas..  

Big Wave Dave’s Kids Corner

Detail of Big Wave Dave Mural

Big Wave Dave Surf Co and Coffee Shop is a charming, friendly business in Waikiki featuring surfing lessons and wonderful coffee.  They wanted a mural to make the kids waiting area lively. Whether locals stop in for a daily cup of coffee, or tourists come for surf lessons, Dave wanted the space to be designed so that families can be more comfortable. In some cases, only a couple of family members are able to take lessons, and this space allows the rest of the family to relax as they wait or eat.  Adults can enjoy a coffee or lunch while the kids play a game or read a book in the vibrant corner.  I included many Hawaiian underwater creatures, and it is quite a diverse assortment.  There are endangered and endemic species, common species, fish and corals I always see when I dive or snorkel, and a couple specially requested by Dave. My goal was to make it detailed and capture the feeling of being under the sea in Hawaii.

Big Wave Dave After
Big Wave Dave Before
Big Wave Dave After
Big Wave Dave After

Enchanted Forest Bedroom

This mural encompassed the walls and ceiling, creating an immersive feeling of being in a fantasy forest at twilight.  Colors were carefully toned to be pleasing and relaxing.  Some photos were taken before trim was installed. Read more about this project here:

Night Sky Bedroom

A consideration in any interior mural is choosing colors that make the space easy to live in every day.  I pushed the colors lighter than a typical night sky on this mural so the room would not feel small.  Black walls can compress the space visually, so this blue theme is designed to feel calming without being oppressively dark. It has a gradient running from a very light cool day sky color low on the walls all the way to a deep blue on the ceiling.  The sky features plenty of puffy warm-weather clouds to set a peaceful feeling in the room and lighten the colors further.  The focal point is the crescent moon over the main wall at a height for the extra-tall bed to frame it well. It will also look nice if a standard-height bed is used later. 

Night Sky Mural by Wendy Roberts, Room is complete with furniture and curtains
Night Sky Mural Complete with Furniture and Curtains
Night Sky Mural - room almost complete - full room view looking toward feature wall.
Night Sky Mural – room almost complete – full room view looking toward feature wall.

Kaimuki Beautification Project Mural Series

The project started via Street Art Hawaii’s non-profit mission to beautify the community with a traffic signal box designs.  After the initial signal box, I returned to add several small alae’ula bird murals in various locations on Kaimuki’s Businesses lining Wai’alae Avenue. The goal was to create the illusion that the birds are strolling along the Avenue to return to their signal box habitat.  Read more about the signal box portion of this project here: