This page is intended to help people find out who I am by my mark. I (Wendy Roberts) sign paintings with the signature mark “W Roberts” or “wroberts” including a floral W mark with my last name legible. I chose to shorten down my name because it’s too distracting to sign all 12 letters in my full name. Maybe someday I will manage to come up with a way to paint a fully legible signature of my full name, but as of now, I really like signing with a mark that reads W Roberts where the W is also a water flower symbol for waterlilies and lotuses that grow beauty from the mud. The symbolism of those flowers has always captured my imagination.

Earlier work or small paintings sometimes have a waterlily motif with just my initials WR. The current mark is a compromise between a symbol signature (such as Albrecht Dürer, J.M William Turner, Toulouse-Lautrec, Dante Rosetti, among many other logo-like pictorial signature examples), and the majority of artists who sign their names legibly with part of their name to make it easy to read. In rare circumstances of exceedingly small paintings, just the stylized W flower in my legible signature is used with the main priority being to keep the signature in harmony with the painting. This is even smaller and simpler than my full waterlily mark with initials.

From 2010 until about 2015, this was a typical symbol signature with a waterlily motif, WR and the date.
Eventually I dropped the date and made the symbol more compact, but it still has the waterlily format and WR initials

Sometimes the signature is placed on the edge of the painting instead of the front if the edges were painted. Always the signature is in service to the painting – the image takes precedence and the signature is meant to be harmonious..

2015 – current: the waterlily symbol has been simplified, and is now more like a lotus and a W. Last name is legible: Wroberts or W Roberts The signature can be within the painting, even running vertically sometimes. It is almost always subtle using colors from the rest of the painting so it does not draw too much attention.
The color of the signature must always be harmonious with the painting. Here is another example of the WRoberts or W Roberts floral mark
In extremely small paintings, the signature may be truncated to the simplified W only lotus flower mark.
Sometimes on paintings with finished edges, the signature is on the edge. The edge closest contains the WRoberts / W Roberts signature. Usually it is the right edge.
The WRoberts signature is on the edge on some pieces, especially on smaller pieces