HI on Art TV Show Guest

Photo during filming by Will Espero

I am very pleased to announce that I will be one of the guest artists on HI on Art, a new TV show that is currently running on Oahu Spectrum Cable Channel 11 at 11 pm each Saturday.  The episode with my clip will be on July 27, 2019, and you can find it online at the HI on Art website:  https://www.hionart.com/ for a limited time after its airing.  Special thanks to Will Espero and Fred Vanderpoel for taking the time to come to my studio and film the segment – they were wonderful company and very skilled!  Their show is seeking sponsors and artists, and all kinds of community involvement. They do great work!  I will be tuning in each week and look forward to seeing who will be on the show each week.  The premiere was wonderful!  I like the long pan shots of details of the art, and I love hearing the thoughts everyone has to share! Truly, everyone has an interesting story and since I enjoy hearing from other creative people, this is a new favorite show!


Featured on the front page of RedBubble

After a couple of days of uploading my new art on RedBubble for the holiday gift giving season, I woke up today to great news: I was selected to be on the front page of RedBubble with one of my art pieces.  Here’s a screenshot of what I found when I went to see what they did with my work:

My RedBubble Day

My RedBubble Day

The selection was Koolau Ohia Mamo, and they used it to show off a zipper bag they produce.  I was surprised they chose one of my more mellow pieces for the honor, but it was very fun to see it on the featured area.  I had some sales and gained a small slice of “notoriety” (including some very nice comments from fellow artists and visitors to the site), so thank you RedBubble!  That was very kind!  I have done most of my updating to the images offered on RedBubble, so feel free to take a look here>>

My originals are available for purchase in Brillhante framing or on my site, but on RedBubble, you can get a whole bunch of awesome things that are useful and feature my images.  Things like tote bags, awesome stainless steel mugs, t-shirts or phone cases, sometimes even scarves or leggings if it doesn’t cross the line into ridiculous. Surprisingly, not every painting is suitable to be made into leggings.


Friends don’t let friends order bad leggings.

Go figure.  I laugh sometimes when I see a particularly bad pair.   Then I disable it from being made.  Sorry, no one can order my images on leggings if it’s going to get them arrested by the fashion police!  It’s for your own protection.

Gifts and Prints Available on Redbubble

I am in the process of uploading selected works from my portfolio to redbubble.com, adding some of my images to the site.  You can purchase prints and fun, inexpensive gifts featuring my art images from an easy e-commerce interface.  I have a small selection of paintings now on redbubble.com just to see how it goes.  If you would like to order something from redbubble.com with one of my other images, please let me know by contacting me. There are certain product and image combinations I can’t allow, either because it doesn’t look right, the source painting is too small, or in some cases because it is limited edition and I am not able to allow any canvas prints, but I think some of the items they are able to make are really fun!  Particularly I like the mugs and pillows, but there are lots of other neat things on there.  Click here to take a look >>

Favorite Place Follow-up

I realized I never officially closed out the Favorite Place Contest results with a follow-up post of the results.  In March I held a friendly collaborative contest on my Facebook page offering a free giclee to the person who submitted the photo that most caught my eye and made me want to paint it.  I selected a photo of sea lions off the coast of La Jolla, California by Marjolijn Bekken. The painting was completed in late May, scanned in June, and displayed in the August Hoomaluhia Gallery show and December Oahu Open Studios event.  Meanwhile the promised giclee was given to Marjolijn for her outstanding photo.  She has my sincere gratitude.  It was a pleasure to paint the sea lions.

“Sea Lions” is a good example of the adjustments I make to an image when I paint from a photograph.  I like to take advantage of the strengths of painting, and veer off a bit from the initial photo. In this painting, I used a blue underpainting throughout the image which peeked through in the thinner areas of the painting throughout, giving it a sense of cohesiveness.  I made the colors slightly more vibrant, especially in the sea, and I brought the elements into sharper focus.  There are a few less sea lions in the final painting to help simplify the composition, and I chose to make the colors of each sea lion a bit more differentiated so they would stand out from each other and from the rocks.  I enjoyed the directionality of the strokes of paint, curving over sea lion shoulders and undulating with the waves. The whole painting had a very sinuous rhythm to it.

Lastly, I learned a lovely piece of trivia that appealed to my geeky nature side.  Sea lions are easy to tell apart from seals because they have stronger flippers that allow them to sit upright, rather than lounging on their sides like seals. Now that I have told you, if either of us see a seal or a sea lion, we can definitively identify the correct name for it – bonus!

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Interest in Pintrest

Pinterest is up and running!  You can find me at http://www.pinterest.com/wrobertsfineart/  The most unique aspect of my Pinterest Board is the “Artists I Admire” board.  It’s the sort of undertaking that is most easily done on Pinterest, and though I mention some of my paint heroes in my bio, it’s not as fun as seeing their work in a nice neat Pinterest collection.  I have my own art there too, so if that is your favorite social site, you can now Pin me on there (does this mean I’m a Pin-Up Girl?)

Favorite Place Contest Winner

La Jolla by Marjolijn Bekken

On Facebook, I ran a contest entitled “My Favorite Place”.  I invited all of the Facebook participants to submit a photo of their favorite place.  Once the deadline passed, I chose the photo that most inspired me: a fantastic photo of La Jolla, California by Marjolijn Bekken.  I am looking very forward to painting all the wonderful seals!  When I am done, she will receive a free full size giclee.  I anticipate holding many more collaborative events, not only contests, but hopefully also some group brainstorming collaborations on my Facebook Page.  Feel free to like my page on Facebook if you want to join us for the next one!

I am now a Twit

I have a new Twitter page!  I admit to being somewhat new to Twitter, so it will be interesting to see the difference in the community on the new Wendy Roberts Fine Art Twitter as opposed to Facebook.  I plan to post all my major content (new paintings) on both platforms, but I imagine the entire community will have a unique feel on each, so choose your favorite social network and Like or Follow Wendy Roberts Fine Art for fun and creative collaboration; you can even join me on both of them if you prefer.  I hope to see you there!

Facebook Page

The Facebook page for Wendy Roberts Fine Art is newly established.  To celebrate, I am running a photo contest: “My Favorite Place”.  The winner gets a free giclee of a painting inspired by their favorite place photo.  It’s the first in what I envision to be many interesting collaborations.  Let’s make this page interesting and entertaining together! Like the Facebook Page and join in the fun.