Blossoming by Wendy Roberts
Oil on Canvas
18 inches x 24 inches

The strength of a human soul is not unyielding steel

It is the resilience of wildflowers, fragile petals in the sunlight

At summer’s end, drifts of bright flowers sway like waves

Autumn sows and wilts, faded remnants scattering, preparing

Winter follows, freezing the bare ground

Yet beneath the frost, small seeds of hope sleep

Time must quietly nurture them from stillness to growth

Unfurling lacy green tendrils, then buds, then blossoms

The sun and the flowers have returned

Sowing, Resting, Growing, Blooming

This is the rhythm of nature, of endurance, and of life.

I chose my flowers for this piece very carefully, weaving together my botanical obsessions by selecting a variety of plants known for healing properties or Victorian flower language meanings, with a few that have personal symbolic meaning. For example, I chose crocuses and the snowdrop for a heart ready to thaw. In cold climates, these flowers are always the first burst of color to emerge in spring, often through skiffs of snow. Their bright colors meant spring would soon follow. I have always felt immense joy when I first see them. I also love the lotus for its ability to grow beautiful flowers from the mud.

My hope is that this image will be a invitation to introspection and renewal. It’s a long process after a hard winter for the earth to thaw. It takes even longer for bones to knit, and longer still for grief to run its most painful course. Time will mend. I know each person will bring their own meaning to this piece, and I hope it can soothe the sorrows we all carry with us and make us remember to put them aside for a moment. Take a deep breath. How are you feeling? Do you need a rest? Do you need to take a moment to meditate or pray or relax? Is there something you need to release or forgive? What could you do to take care of yourself today?

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