Brilhante in Kailua

Today I delivered several of my art pieces to Brilhante Custom Picture Framing and Fine Art in Kailua.  It is wonderful to be among a talented group of artists, and to sell work in a framing store where it’s easy and convenient to buy a frame for the painting. It’s also pleasure to be in a gallery that is at the epicenter of my personal inspiration right here in Kailua.

Brilhante Framing and Fine Art in Kailua
Tracy Brilhante, owner of Brilhante Framing and Fine Art in Kailua with Wendy in front of a few of Wendy’s paintings. To the left you can see just a few of the many framing options. There are several other surfaces with additional frame options as well.

Tracy, the owner of the gallery, and her staff have years of experience and a wonderful eye for which frame best compliments each piece. I have been very pleased with all the framing they have done for me over the years. A good frame unifies the painting with the rest of the room, creating unity in the interior, but also creating a border that allows the painting to stand out from the wall.  There is harmony between the art and the surrounding furniture if they are similar in style or materials.  I have always found great options for each of my pieces at Brilhante (with plenty of help from Tracy and Nicole!) It’s nice to know that anyone who buys my paintings there can easily have them framed, and the quality will be top notch!