Featured on the front page of RedBubble

After a couple of days of uploading my new art on RedBubble for the holiday gift giving season, I woke up today to great news: I was selected to be on the front page of RedBubble with one of my art pieces.  Here’s a screenshot of what I found when I went to see what they did with my work:

My RedBubble Day
My RedBubble Day

The selection was Koolau Ohia Mamo, and they used it to show off a zipper bag they produce.  I was surprised they chose one of my more mellow pieces for the honor, but it was very fun to see it on the featured area.  I had some sales and gained a small slice of “notoriety” (including some very nice comments from fellow artists and visitors to the site), so thank you RedBubble!  That was very kind!  I have done most of my updating to the images offered on RedBubble, so feel free to take a look here>>

My originals are available for purchase in Brillhante framing or on my site, but on RedBubble, you can get a whole bunch of awesome things that are useful and feature my images.  Things like tote bags, awesome stainless steel mugs, t-shirts or phone cases, sometimes even scarves or leggings if it doesn’t cross the line into ridiculous. Surprisingly, not every painting is suitable to be made into leggings.

Friends don’t let friends order bad leggings.

Go figure.  I laugh sometimes when I see a particularly bad pair.   Then I disable it from being made.  Sorry, no one can order my images on leggings if it’s going to get them arrested by the fashion police!  It’s for your own protection.