Ko’olau Mountains After the Storm

Ko'olau Mountains After the Storm by Wendy Roberts
Ko’olau Mountains After the Storm
30 inches X 48 inches
Oil on Canvas

Dramatic clouds frame the face of the Koolau cliffs as the sun breaks through to illuminate the mountain. Orchids in the foreground seem to glow as the waterfalls in every chute cascade in the sun.

I once was caught in a sudden rain storm during a hike. It’s my favorite hike, and I have done it many times over the years, but I always try to go on a dry day to stay safe. I watched in awe as the waterfalls swelled with the rains. I stepped to the high ground as the rain turned the trail into a small river. It was a little dangerous to be there, (or it would have been if I had not been prepared), but it was also extremely beautiful. After what must have been a half hour, the sun broke through the clouds, making the entire face of the mountain glitter with drops of rain. I saw two pieces by Gustave Dore of the Scottish mountains that inspired me to take on this subject once more with a different focus, to try to capture the drama of the clouds and mists , and of the sun shimmering on the mountain.

Fun fact: This painting was utilized in an episode of Hawaii Five-O in the background of an episode in October 2019.

Here is the painting with the frame. It is silver moulding with a botanical pattern and a very thin darker silver inner lining.

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