Bird Paintings

Paintings of small birds and flowers that compliment their plumage are a theme I have explored often.  Before humans came to this beautiful island, it was inhabited by birds with bright feathers and wonderful beaks.  I often depict these endemic birds, but I also intersperse my favorite introduced species – the charming cardinals, bulbuls, and others that are seen on a daily basis. Below are a number of small works, many sold, but I do accept commissions and could easily create something similar for you.  If you want to see the ones that are still available, please visit my Available Paintings page. If you want to commission a painting, please contact me. I love to collaborate and take commissions!

Why birds?

I started feeding birds when I lived in Colorado in the early 2000s, the beginning of my own bond with my bribe-eager friends. A little birdseed and a calm demeanor are all it takes to become friends with a bird.  Although I grew up on a farm surrounded by odd chickens, geese, turkeys, and peacocks, it took a while for me to start bonding with them on my own.  When I moved to Hawaii, a vivid red cardinal trained me to feed it on demand.  It would make eye contact and hop all along the long balcony, staring at me through the glass windows with sparkling eyes and chirping until I filled the feeder.  It built its nest in my yard and raised babies.  It was wonderful to watch the male feed his two babies.  The female was more timid and tended to stay far away, but the male was very comfortable with close proximity.  Then we moved, and I lost contact with my cardinal much to my dismay, but I gained a peacock friend who visited twice a day for food on many occasions.  He would show his beautiful tail to us.  Also he would follow me sometimes – especially if he was scared, I could calm him down and call him into my yard for refuge.  These birds had such personality!  They taught me to appreciate the connection people can cultivate even with wild birds.  

Mid-October of 2016, I started a painting challenge that I defined as 16 paintings in 16 days. The rules were that I would paint one small 5″ x 7″ painting each day.  I decided to start with birds.  I was going to move on to flowers or fish, but ended up staying with birds as a subject of all 16 paintings. I found I really loved painting birds.  The bright feathers and a flower or plant that compliments their plumage is something I have really enjoyed painting.

Some of these paintings are available, and can be shipped priority anywhere in the US for $15.  If you need international shipping, please contact me to get a free no-obligation quote.  

Some of them are also available on gift items or as prints on RedBubble. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of their printing. Click here to see all my available art.