Peek-a-boo Geckos

Peek-a-boo Geckos by Wendy Roberts
Peek-a-Boo Geckos
9 x 12 inches
Oil on Panel

These colorful gold dust day geckos have found their homes in the leaves of our gardens and sometimes the rafters of our homes.   Even in Hawaii where the foliage is bright, you still notice their fluorescent green bodies darting along a rock wall or climbing a branch unless they are perched on the brightest, greenest plants, like these ornamental bananas.  The fruit of this particular type of beautiful banana plant is not edible, but the flowers are still cultivated for their stunning beauty.


Butterfly Garden, 9 x 12 with a simple wood frame, oil on panel, Oahu Delivery… $ 475

Butterfly Garden, 9 x 12 in an 11 x 14 shadowbox frame, oil on panel, Shipping to the U.S…. $ 525

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