Sacred Space

Sacred Space
30″ X 48″
Oil Paint and Silver and Aluminum Metal Leaf on Canvas
Available, $6000 plus tax and shipping, please contact me to arrange purchase of the original.

The idea for this piece hit me like a bolt of lightning 4 years ago. “What if I used metal leaf like paint to add movement to the water and the leaves – the sunlight dappling, changing, shifting like the light on the leafing?” I knew this had a potential to add another element to the painting, allowing me to more fully express the sense of awe we feel while secluded next to a stunning waterfall. I had to learn how to use metal leaf and get good enough to apply it smoothly. That took about 2 years, then I kept working on the piece in small bursts over the next two. I had to adjust for the variability of the metal leaf’s changing values, but the final effect adds motion and life that is impossible to show in a photo (I’ll try anyway by posting a couple of details from different angles). I am pleased with it and eager to do more of this experimentation with metal leaf.

Giclees are available in the following sizes, please contact me to arrange purchase:
• 30″ X 48″
• 15″ X 24″
• 10″ X 16″