30 in 30: Akepa with Orange Ohia

Akepa With Orange OhiaAkepa with Orange Ohia
acrylic on canvas
5″ X 7″

Today’s bird is a small orange honeycreeper with some of the brightest orange plumage in the world.  The akepa is an endemic Hawaiian bird and a rare sight currently.  It lives in the branches of the beautiful ohia tree, an endemic Hawaiian tree with beautiful flowers of red orange or yellow which provide nectar for the small birds.  Lately I have felt drawn to the orange ohia blossoms.  They are a fun challenge to paint and have a peachy color as opposed to the vivid orange of the akepa.

This is day 10 for me in the 30 in 30.  If you would like to see the other pieces I have created for this daily painting challenge, please look at my 30 in 30 Gallery.