30 in 30: Pele and Friends

Pele and Friends
acrylic on canvas
5″ X 7″

Today’s piece is another commission. The bird rescuer who asked me to paint this triple bird portrait rescued/raised all three of these birds – two chicks and a dove. Amazingly, this pose is real. Pele is a tiny black chick who was feisty from day 1. Here, she has established the pecking order before she even has pinfeathers! I changed out a couple of things, adding some grass with little violets to the lawn and removing some cloth that wasn’t as photogenic as the birds. The dove’s wing in the original photo was blurry, so I fixed that as well. All in all it is a wonderfully quirky little portrait thanks to its unique source photo. I am happy with the results and hope she will like it as well!

This is day 11 for me of the 30 in 30 challenge. If you want to see the full collection so far, please visit this page: 30 in 30 Gallery