Fashion and Fun


Six Visions is an art show on display at Pauahi Tower until September 10, 2022. As you might guess, there are six artists in the show (see below for the list). You are invited to join us at Pauahi Tower on May 6, 2022 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm to start First Friday with style. Quite literally! It’s a fashion show, a playful game (with fun small art theme prizes), and an unveiling. Dexter Doi and Carol D’Angelo are painting a huge collaboration painting – a first for them! It will be making its debut that night!

This all will happen in the travertine mezzanine which is huge, gorgeous, and full of beautiful art! There will be light refreshments as well. Please do come!

Sora in the Garden – one of my main paintings in this show – this is its public debut.

This is the likely to be the most interesting event I will be involved with for 2022 – definitely plan to come if you can!

Elysia in the Garden – the two sister portraits are displayed together in the gallery for the first time!

Plus, when you go to Fashion & Fun Night, you are already in the Downtown area, so you can easily stop in to see the First Friday receptions for Arts at Marks Garage, Downtown Art Center, and Hawaii State Art Museum directly after Pauahi – we are the early birds to kick off the night. Our party starts first at 4:30 and wraps up by 6:30 pm which allows you to attend the other events while the night is still young! In fact, I will also be splitting my Downtown time between two events – after Fashion & Fun, I will head over to the Arts at Marks to participate in the artists reception for “Iconic O’ahu”.


Carol D’Angelo

Dexter Doi

Trevor Kodama

David Luchak

George Woollard

and me (Wendy Roberts)


Hawaii Community College Fashion Students will hold the fashion show element of the party at 5:30 pm. Models will walk the collections on the floor through the audience as the emcee tells the story of each collection. Because Covid interrupted their usual annual fashion show, this event is the venue where the aspiring fashion designers can finally show off their hard work! It will all be very exciting!


It is suggested you come early at 4:30 and enjoy the game of Hide and Seek. It’s not people who are hiding, it is elements of the paintings themselves! Find the paintings that fit the clues to win.

There are some lovely prize items printed with the artwork of the artists in the show (not just me, but also others too)! Happily, there will be a small gift for everyone who plays, but there are a limited number of unique items to win for the first few people to unravel the clues! The game starts at 4:30 sharp!

Here is the inside scoop – for all participants, I have made high quality 2″ vinyl stickers of some of my most popular bird paintings. These are the type of stickers that are more durable so that you can place them on a water bottle, phone case, laptop, plastic bin, diary or notebook, bike helmet, etc… They have never been offered before, and I don’t have them for sale right now. You will need to win them if you want to be the first to have them!

Three Sticker designs: I’iwi, Pueo, and ‘Anianiau