Starry Night Sunflowers Paint & Sip

Thank you to everyone who joined in on this weekend’s painting event at Mid-Pacific Country Club! It was so much fun and great service on the lanai as we painted a step by step Van Gogh inspired design that combined two motifs from his body of work: The Starry Night’s dramatic sky, and his vibrant sunflowers.

Please, if you are one of the participants and you would like a full resolution version of these photos, feel free to email me and I can send it to you!

The plan is to teach 3 – 4 times a year. Registration is open to members of Mid Pacific Country Club, but I am not sure about the details.

View from the Lanai, everybody is painting with focus! This series of photos shows work in progress from several angles…

As you can see below, with any painting event, you guide the paintings, but each person brings their own cool spin to the final painting. I love how enthusiastic everyone was about their paintings, and the results are so different and so cool!

Three different and awesome renditions – maybe you can see why I love to teach and then enjoy seeing the various iterations of the “same” painting! It’s fun! Particularly, notice how different each moon is!
Look at the beautiful moon light! The sunflowers look a lot like the original Van Gogh painting I showed for reference too!
This was the first time she ever tried painting – she loved it! Look at the cute blue and green centers on her flowers!
I love the dramatic dark blues she chose – it really contrasts well with the yellows and oranges. They pop off the canvas!
Beautifully done! Notice the unique centers on her sunflowers – each person brings their own touches that are unlike any other painting in the group!

Not only is every person bringing their own spin to their specific painting, but each time I paint the same image, it always turns out differently. Every day is different. You cannot paint the same painting twice – especially with this expressive style!

Thanks to Mid-Pacific Country Club for hosting the class, and to the staff who attentively helped us all, and to every participant at the Paint & Sip event! It is always fun to teach this type of party-atmosphere “class” where the whole point is the enjoyment of the process. I hope each painter took home not only their painting, but a good memory of a fun afternoon to go along with it!